Clean rooms

Controlled contamination environments

Thanks to the clean rooms, controlled contamination environments, classified and certified according to the reference standards in cleaning classes from ISO 8 to ISO 5, Lem is able to make sterile topical products and sterile injectable products.

The accurate selection of new raw materials, control of each stage of the production process, execution of tests and analysis on finished products ensure high quality standard.

Formulation, implementation & production

Accurate controls for high quality products

Lem laboratories can develop formulations with a high scientific content, produced with highly selected raw materials, in order to create essential, safe and effective products, designed with pure functional active ingredients.

Accurate physical chemical and microbiological controls in process and post production, guarantee quality and safety on the product, before its placing on the market.

Continuous investment in laboratories and machinery and search for new organizational and technological solutions allow constant improvement of safety and reliability of the product, precision and accuracy.

Rely on Lem experts for the formulation, implementation and production of your medical device.

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