The origins

From chemistry to cosmetics

Lem was founded by Mauro Castiglioni. Mauro is a veteran cosmetic chemist who is the mastermind behind some of the most innovative and successful products, from advanced anti-aging skin care formulas to innovative medical devices. He spent his entire carrier in R&D, starting from the pharmacy up to the foundation of Lem Company.

The site

300 mq of productive manufacturing

Lem has a Clean Room production site specialized in Medical Devices with 300 mq of productive manufacturing and a production capacity of 700.000 syringes. The Cosmetics production site has 1500 mq of productive manufacturing and a production capacity of 4 million pieces.

Our values

Mission & vision

The Mission of Lem is Flexibility and Reliability. The Vision of Lem is to create performing and innovative products, collaboration with university research and updated and creating new pharmaceutical form performing and effective.

Our policy is to maintain high quality system in accordance with ISO 9001, Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 on cosmetic products and the UNI EN ISO 22716 «Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)», Regulation (EC) No. 745/2017 and the ISO 13485 «Medical Device» in order to give sufficient confidence to the customer on all phases of our business. Search for organizational and technical solutions that enable the continuous improvement of production processes, understood as bulk production, filling and packaging from the point of view of safety and reliability of the products.

The products

Quality and experience

Laboratories have specialized in the study and realization of formulations customized for third parties. Our experts selected new advanced ingredients and study different formulations to obtain the best product for the best results. Our Quality Control develop stability and product compatibility test.

We can personalize the cosmetic product with your own brand, to create your own customized line. We offer a wide range of quality packaging for our clients, to satisfy different needs and tastes. Our professional team of graphic designers can assist you in order to develop a new layout and design for creating customized labels and boxes. Our regulatory office assist you with technical documents, regulatory compliance and CPNP procedures.

Our priority is to maintain high quality level of the product, safety, reliability, flexibility and maximum sensitivity to the needs of the customer, thanks to continuous investment on laboratories, machinery, research and staff.

Need Help

Headquarters and Production Site

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Clean Room Site

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