Production process

High quality and innovation to satisfy everyone’s needs

The search for new formulations for the creation of innovative cosmetic products not present on the market with excellent application characteristics and the accurate selection of new ingredients allows to keep high quality of the products and to respond to specific needs. The control of each stage of the production process, tests and analysis of finished products ensure reliability of our products at every stage of production, from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product.

Personal products

Complete lines for face and body

For the personal products, Lem develops formulations for every need and solution, starting from soothing, moisturizing, nourishing and emollient face cream and a complete range of serums with a multitude of targeted ingredients. Our laboratories create sonicated hyaluronic acid, an exclusive patent procedure created by LEM which allows to fragment the molecular weight of the raw material, to offer an exclusive solution for all the hyaluronic acid products. It is available also a complete line for the body, from the hydrating, nourishing and firm and slim cream to the precious, light and evanescent texture with the most innovative ingredients to perform the product’s properties.


Professional products

High scientific content to meet any aesthetic need

Together with the personal line, Lem laboratories offer a complete professional range with a high scientific content, produced with highly selected raw materials, that meet any aesthetic need. This includes cleansing solutions to prepare the skin for different treatments, customizable peeling with concentrations and pH chosen and post treatments solution formulated to protect skin during and after the treatment.

Search for new technological solutions allow constant improvement of safety and reliability of the cosmetic product, precision, accuracy and flexibility to the needs of the customer.

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