Fragrance collection both for body waters and to personalize your skin-care products.


Japanese sandal has a soft, warm and smooth precious-wood note. For its wood, subtle and lingering scent, it is calming and offers a sense of inner peace. Both for men and women.


A male scent that refreshes our mind and our senses. The freshness and energy of marine water graces with salty note to create a fresh composition for hot summer days. Marine notes remind us of the revitalizing sea breezes smell, for a natural and exciting sensation.


Romantic and feminine fragrance, that combines sweetness and elegance. Flowery notes of rose, combined with the amazing and unique scent of fig, produce a green, fresh and floral bouquet that better represents female essence.


Myrrh oil is steam distilled from the resin of Commipihora myrrha. Its name comes from the Arabic word “murr” that means bitter. Because of its earthy, sharp, smoky and balsamic aroma it has calming, relaxing and restorative properties.


Black Pepper, also known as “King of Spices” or “Black gold”, is native of south India. Its essential oil has a hot, spicy and bracing note, which is stimulating, warming and comforting. Black pepper fragrance also has citrusy, woody, and floral notes that perfectly suit male essence.


Researched scent that combines sweet notes of vanilla with delicate and aromatic notes of wood. Sweet, cozy, comforting feelings of vanilla blend with warm and characteristic notes of wood, giving a pleasant and relaxing feeling.


Tea is an intimate part of Japanese life and culture. Crystals of tea is a neutral, fresh and delicate fragrance with sophisticated and smart notes. It’s something that refreshes your own emotions, both for female and male.


The bergamot essential oil is cold-pressed from the peel of the Bergamot orange (Citrus Bergamia), a small, round citrus fruit, mostly cultivated in south of Italy. Bergamot oil yields a citrus-like fragrance. The scent has both sweet and spicy-floral notes. Thanks to its freshness, it is used for both female and male perfumes.